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Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Domestic wastewater, originates from the water used in kitchen, bathroom, etc. in households or residential areas.

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater originates from any product manufacturing industry and may have variety of different characteristic features.

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As water scarcity is becoming one of the most controversial issues of our modern world, water reclamation has become the subject of topic.

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Food & Livestock Industry

Vegetable, fruit, grain, meat and other animal foods are being processed, packaged and placed on the market in different ways in factories.

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Mining Industry

Iron and non-ferrous metal ores, coal production and transport, boron ore, ceramic and soil industry, cement, stone crushing, soil industry and so on

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Metal Industry

Metal preparation and processing, galvanizing, electrolytic coating, metal coloring, zinc plating, quenching, hardening,

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MBBR system in short is a combination of fixed film process such as trickling filters and suspended growth such as activated sludge process

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The portable BIOPACK, is a package treatment plant having a varying capacity of 25 up to 10.000 people.

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Package chemical treatment systems can be manufactured in different size and capacities depending on the pollution level and the flow rate.

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BIO-NUT is the post denitrification process that Yeditepe Treatment developed for nitrogen removal from nitrified wastewaters.

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11/07/2019 - Jordan - Package Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant has been delivered.

08/07/2019 - Saudi Arabia - Package Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant has been commisioned.

Case Studies

Al-Jazeera Paint Co. Physical / Chemical / Aerobic and Anaerobic Treatment of Industrial Wastewater.


About Us

YEDITEPE TREATMENT, with its experienced and skilled staff, managed to be the trusted and successful company of the sector in a short time. We aim to design and present our customers, the highest quality treatment plants with the best possible price.